Klippan Award international architecture prize
Sigurd Lewerentz Architect Sigurd Lewerentz was 77 years old when he was asked to create St. Petri Church. One may think it a bold decision to call on a man of that age for such a demanding task. But age turned out to be no disadvantage. On the contrary. He had, behind him, many years of collected experience, which he could now draw on. Full of life, knowledgeable, original, independent of all architectural traditions and styles, with the understanding of what is essentially christian, he set about his task.He put all his artistic passion into this task. What he creates is not the product of a drawing-board. The placing of every brick is determined directly by himself on the spot or indirectly by the instructions he gave to the artisans. Much in the building can seem to be improvised, but actually everything is carefully thought out. Before the altar, pulpit and bishop-chair were built up, models were made and thoroughly tested. The watchful eye of the architect constantly followed the work on the site. The building-committee therefore decided in full confidence to leave the building of the church entirely in his hands and not call in an inspector. Reticent, almost timid, the architect went about his work, often reserved towards the many architects and others who turned up while work was going on. He was, however, open-hearted and easy-going towards the master-builder Helge Lindgren and the workmen on the site. A more and more close relationship developed between them as the work progressed.  
At the consecration of the church Bishop Martin Lindström made the observation: "A renowned architect has with all his being built here a hallowed room of magestic weight".
Klippan Award internationellt arkitekturpris